'Boobles' | The Breast Art Show in Town

'Boobles' | The Breast Art Show in Town

When I was approached to contribute to this show, it didn't take long to come up with a concept - "This will be a tribute to the power of the female form."

 Almost regularly, I hear stories from fellow women about their broken pasts. These stories are filled with hurtful memories, sad touches, and bitter regrets. I noticed a pattern emerge, as most of the hurt laid into them was caused by those closest to them. When family and friends are the source of pain, one often loses respect for oneself. I have struggled with this issue myself. I tried to fit into a world where family and friends thought I was never good enough. I sought outside approval more than anything else.

Downtown Des Moines, IA | 2018


Downtown Des Moines, IA | 2018

With time comes wisdom. As I've aged, I've realized that the ones who hurt my most were often hurting themselves. They wanted acceptance and approval as much as I did. I did not understand them because I had not learned to embrace their past.

Boobles is meant to highlight beautiful human beings and encourage them to accept every part of themselves. Although the focus is feminine in construction, I wish for the masculine and grey areas of gender to reflect upon this image and find their own meaning within it. My goal is to consistently create art that can touch other souls and promote healing from any number of existential scarring. We all need to heal because we are all delicate fucking flowers that need love.


A boob touches all of us at some point in our lives and I hope my work touches you today.

V I S I O N | 2018

G L O W | 2018

Boobles Enamel Pins | Bloosom , Think About Tit, La Queefa (from left to right)


10% of the earnings from this project will go to 'Bras for the Cause.'

Money raised will help people get mammograms, cervical screenings and diagnostic mammograms.  They give grants to facilities that preform these procedures.

Check out my shop for Booble Enamel Pins! Please help to raise the awareness.


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